To say the least, these are very challenging and unprecedented times. Our students and families have particularly been facing challenges as we transition from our physical classrooms to virtual learning. We are listening to our students to make sure we provide them with as much support as possible. The students have been working so hard to learn virtually and that means they are spending increased hours during the day on the computer screen. Many of them are complaining from headaches and their eyes hurting from this prolonged screen exposure. School budgets have been impacted due to limited funding and increased spending to make our buildings safe and provide technology to our students.

This is where we need your help, we are asking our supporters to help the students of GEE Preparatory get blue light glasses for online learning! We are asking you to donate what you can to fund each student with a pair of blue light glasses to help alleviate headaches and straining of the eyes during this tough time of virtual learning. GEE Preparatory students are eager to continue learning and our future leaders! We hope that you can help us make their online learning experience a little less stressful.

Thank you for your consideration and contribution!

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