When and how will classes be held?
Students will have asynchronous and synchronous sessions for the entire school day in a class with other online-only students. All assignments will be posted and submitted through Accelerate (K-5) and Edgenuity (6th-12th).
Classes will be taught by GEE Preparatory teachers and follow GEE district’s curriculum.

In a virtual class, what can I expect from my teacher?
GEE Preparatory teachers will teach live (synchronous) classes to students daily 3 times a day and include (Social Emotional Morning Session, ELA & Math sessions). Assignments will be posted in the school’s learning management system (Accelerate/Edgenuity) and should be submitted by their due date. Teachers will respond to emails within 24 hours, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.

Is my child ever required to come to school in person?
Families will need to come in to pick up technology (student laptop/miFi hotspot), and students are required to come in for state-mandated testing. Additionally, GEE Preparatory hosts monthly family meet ups to engage students with different activities. These meetups are optional for families to attend.

Is my child required to have their camera turned on during class?

Can my child switch back to their GEE home school after class starts?
Students who enroll at GEE Preparatory are committing themselves to a full year online. It is difficult and disruptive to move staff mid-year, and those changes often unfairly impact other students who are not moving. If your child is having difficulties, please speak with your principal. Students can return to their home school at the start of the next school year. Students not in the program and also apply to transfer in the following school year.

Will there be electives available?
Elementary students will be offered technology as an elective and will continue to have music, art, gym and media classes. Middle and high school students will have an additional selection of electives than students attending face-to-face.

Can my high school student still participate in dual enrollment?
Yes. Students who meet the requirements for dual enrollment can still participate in those programs. Dual enrollment and Collegiate Academy students will have to follow whatever guidelines Henry Ford College has in place for its courses, which may include attending face-to-face classes. They also should be aware the district and the college follow different calendars.

Will my high school student still have a graduation?
Yes. GEE Preparatory will offer its own special graduation. The diploma will state they graduated from GEE Preparatory.

Does my child have to reside in the State of Michigan to attend?

In GEE Preparatory, what will class sizes look like?
We plan to fill classes in the new school as we do in our existing schools. Elementary classes will average 22 to 24 students, middle school 26 to 28 and high school 28 to 30.

I read the expectations and all the FAQs, and I’m interested. How do I register my child at GEE Preparatory?
Any parent interested in having their child transferred to GEE Preparatory should contact Student Services at (313) 737-0707 or simply enroll online geeacademies.schoolmint.net/welcomeback

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